2.7 A flurry of voluntary initiatives


With a plastic footprint of 2.3 million tonnes, PepisCo is both the third worst polluter and the third largest company by revenue that we analysed.


Most plastic polluting company


2.3m tonnes Annual plastic footprint

It is reported that PepsiCo is responsible for 137,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year across just six countries – equivalent to 22 football pitches every day.

Despite its role in pumping out plastic pollution, the company never mentions the need to take responsibility for collecting the plastics they put onto the market and remains opposed or, at best, neutral to deposit return systems. It also has a track record of failing its own voluntary commitments, such as a target set in 2010 to increase beverage container recycling rates to 50% by 2018. It has fared not much better on recycled content inclusion, which makes up just 4% of its total plastic packaging – an increase of just 1% on 2018.

Our investigation found that PepsiCo is a member/signatory of nine initiatives to address plastic waste and at least seven trade groups that lobby against legislation.

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