2.4 A flurry of voluntary initiatives

Mars Incorporated


Most plastic polluting company


184k tonnes Annual plastic footprint

Mars is a multinational manufacturer of confectionary and food products. It has an annual plastic footprint of 184,000 tonnes and was the world’s 6th worst offender in the Break Free From Plastic 2019 brand audit.

Mars has various commitments towards tackling plastic waste. For example, they have a target to include 30% average recycled content across their plastic packaging by 2025. Despite this being more ambitious that other companies, they currently report that none of their packaging contains recycled content, and they appear to be relying on chemical recycling – a highly controversial and immature technology – to achieve this target.

Mars also has a history of missing voluntary sustainability targets of this type, such as a 2007 commitment to create 100% recyclable packaging by 2015.

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